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About Us
Welcome to the official website of Industry, Energy, Labour and Mining Department, Government of Maharashtra.
Maharashtra is an advanced state in the country and the industry department has a great contribution in the overall development of this state. To promote the enterprising image of the state, to plan and implement progressive and progressive goals, to create a conducive environment for the establishment of new industries, to achieve sustainable development by maintaining the flow of domestic as well as foreign investment. Hence, the objective of this department is to create employment as well as increase human resources and infrastructure.
In line with these mission strategies, the Industries Department is functioning as follows:
• Formulating and implementing industrial policy in collaboration with the department and various offices under the department,
• Attracting investment for overall development of the state, entering into industrial development agreements with various private sector enterprises,
• Development of industrial infrastructure and industrial zones,
• Preparation and implementation of State Export Action Plan for export growth,
• Publicity and promotion of various industrial and employment schemes of the State,
• To create new entrepreneurs in the state and thereby create new employment opportunities,
• Development of entrepreneurship in the maiden corners of the state,
• Implementation of a window scheme and industry facilitation program for fast and time-bound issuance of permits required for industrial development.
The Industries Department has set the following objectives for industrial development:-
1. Promotion of agro-based and information technology industries.
2. Rural and small scale industry development.
3. Entrepreneurship development
4. Co-operative Industrial Estates.
5. Participation of private sectors in infrastructure sector.
6. Rehabilitation of sick industries.
7. Financial Assistance to Industries.
8. Increase in export trends.

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